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Electro/Mechanical Design

Click to EnlargeGlenArts has many years experience in all types of PCB design as well as complex electrical housings and electronic enclosures. Many of the designs are in equipment that are military and space qualified. One piece of equipment was sent up in the space shuttle, another aboard the F-22 fighter jet and the F-35, a rotating gimbal housing with flight control, imaging boards, and an microwave antenna array switch matrix.

Many Designs are per Mil Standards, CSA and UL specifications for such companies as; IBM, Narda Microwave, BAE, North Atlantic Industries, Lockheed, MPD, Thermadyne, and TRM. Our documentation packages often supply; Schematics, Fabrication Drawings, 3D Models, Assemblies, and Bill of Materials.

Our Slogon; * Interior Decorating for Electronic Equipment *

PCB Design with BGA

Click to EnlargeDesigns include Printed Circuit Boards with BGA's up to 5K leads,
Accommodating custom components and Critical interior system architecture.